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We provide reasonable suggestions for all lamp mirror design stages, and create warm and personalized bathroom space solutions for customers based on the principles of professionalism, science and practicality.

- Size customization
- Shape customization
- Style customization
- Function customization

Size customization

We provide reasonable suggestions for all lamp mirror design stages

Shape customization

Various shapes to meet your requirements

Style customization

A variety of decoration styles to customize a variety of product styles

Function customization

Multiple smart function customization

Light and mirror in one - Soft and non-glaring

The integration of LED light and mirror, no flicker, compensation light, soft and uniform without glare, intelligent supplement light, to meet the needs of daily grooming and dressing.

Dimming - Stepless dimming

Change the color temperature as you like, adjust light and dark freely Light brightness, stepless dimming, light and dark adjust the light color as you like, freely switch three light colors

Temperature control defogging, one-key quick defogging

Temperature control defogging technology Smart-key, fast defogging mirror no longer foggy

Magnifier - HD zoom

LED light magnifying glass, 360 ring uniform fill light 3 times magnification of details, high-definition is not blurred, make-up and shaving more convenient

Human body induction,Two-button touch

Intelligent human body induction switch lights up when people come, and goes off slowly when people walk The light is continuously bright in the range of 50-70cm, and the life is more intelligent. Turn on the defogging and automatically turn off for 1 hour

Time temperature weather

WIFI synchronizes the weather module to understand the weather information in real time. In the morning, master the time and temperature Dress both well

Bluetooth music 360° surround

Hidden Bluetooth music Surrounding stereo sound feast, bathing and washing more enjoyable

AI voice dialogue

voice control Lightly call "Alexa" to wake up, a new intelligent voice experience


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