What are the opening and closing methods of the mirror cabinet door


There are various opening and closing methods for mirro […]

There are various opening and closing methods for mirror cabinet doors, which can be selected according to preferences and spatial layout.
1. Swing door type
The most common way of opening and closing mirror cabinet doors, parallel opening, is the popular choice.
For the side-hinged door of the mirror cabinet, attention should be paid to the division form of the mirror surface. If there are three cabinet doors, the three doors can be of the same size, or they can be made larger in the middle and smaller on both sides.
2. Sliding door type
Sliding door mirror cabinet, the main body of the cabinet is fixed, through the sliding opening and closing of the door, access to the items in the cabinet will not have the problem of hitting the head.
3. Back pull
Pull-back mirror cabinet, the mirror is fixed, and the cabinet at the back needs to be pulled out, so that the mirror will not be missed when taking items, and there will be no embarrassment of bumping into each other.
4. Push up
The push-up mirror cabinet exposes the interior of the cabinet by pushing it upwards. This style design is relatively small.
5. Flip up
Flip up to open to access the contents of the cabinet. Relatively speaking, it is more suitable for taller heads of households.

Daily maintenance of mirror cabinet
There are often some cleaning products placed on the bathroom cabinet, and it is best to clean up the outflowing cleaning agent immediately to avoid chemical effects on the paint surface and cause corrosion. Although the natural moisture resistance of oak is very strong, coupled with waterproof paint, it is absolutely moisture-proof, but reasonable use can greatly prolong the life of the product.
The cabinet body should be kept dry to prolong the service life and avoid water splashing. If there is any water drop, it should be wiped dry with a cloth in time. Prevent hard objects from colliding and scratching. Do not place supercooled or overheated products directly on the surface of the furniture, do not place sharp and rough objects directly on the surface of the furniture, and do not use organic solutions directly on the surface of the furniture.

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